St. Xavier’s alumni association


Reunion 2008 Photographs

Annual Reunion 2008

The annual reunion of the St. Xavier’s Alumni Association

was held at St. Xavier’s campus in Patna on Saturday, the

20th December 2008. The President of the association Mr.

J.K. Sinha, IPS (retd.) called the annual reunion meeting to

order. He informed that the St. Xavier’s Alumni Association

is one of the oldest school alumni associations in the country

and also noted that it is a forum which brings the alumni

together to relive their past and revive cherished memories

of their days in school. He assured that the alumni

association shall interact more closely with the management

of the school and its students. The school and its students,

he said, have constantly striven to live up to the school


The reunion began at 6.00 pm with the submission of the

annual report of the association. This was followed by the

distribution of awards to the meritorious students of the

school for the year. A memento was presented to the two

teachers of the school who had retired last year namely 1)

Mr. Sudhir Seraphin and 2) Mrs. Neelam Singh. The association honoured four distinguished alumni with the

‘Distinguished Xaverian Award’. Those awards were

presented to 1) Mr. Shyam Saran (‘62), Ex- Foreign Secretary,

Govt. of India and presently Special Envoy of the Prime

Minister on Climate change issues, 2) Mr. Amulya Ganguli

(‘57), well known journalist, 3) Mr. Syed Rizvi (‘58), IAS

(retd.) former Joint Secretary, Department of Environment

& Forests, Govt. of India and 4) Mr. Arun Prasad (‘51), a

well-known business-man and past President of the SXAA.

The special award known as the ‘Significant Achievement

Award’ was presented to Mr. Sandeep Das (‘85), a well

known tabla player, for his accomplishments in the field of

music and Mr. Surendra Rajeev (‘80) for his achievements

in the field of management and education. Mr. Mohit

Ahluwalia (‘79) was awarded the ‘Fr. Wroblewski Memorial

Alumni Service Award’ for his selfless service to the Alumni

Association lasting more than a decade.

The secretary Dr. Amulya Kumar Singh welcomed the guests

and informed that the golden jubilee batch(1958) had a two

day celebration in Patna and they contributed a corpus fund

of Rupees One Lakh to the Alumni Association and

instituted awards for the students in the school. The 1958

batch decided to award the annual sports trophy in memory

of their beloved teacher Fr. James Cox, S.J. Mr. Ravi

Nandan Sahay (‘58) also announced the institution of four

medals in memory of their companions who have left for

their heavenly abode. Elaborating on the purpose of such

an activity, the alumni said that they wished to give to the

present students what they had received from the school.

The Alumni Association honoured the members of the

golden jubilee and silver jubilee by presenting them

mementos on the occasion.

It was an evening that included music followed by socials

and dinner for the alumni and their families. Around 350

alumnti from across the world participated. The evening

was planned in such a manner that every member of the

Alumni Association found his own space to recapture the

freedom that he enjoyed while he was there as a child.

To commemorate the event a souvenir was brought out by

the association president Mr. J. K. Sinha. The souvenir this

time around is a collector’s gem with rich memoirs and some

evergreen photographs from the archives.

The next day in the morning, a cricket match was organized

between the veterans of 1958 batch and the champions of

1983 batch. Prior to this, the President of the association

presented the players with T-Shirts specially designed for

the match.

Annual Reunion 2008